Photos by Malia B Photography

Photos by Malia B Photography

Street Studios Video Production is a husband and wife team living in the West Valley of Arizona.  Dallas and Jennifer met in high school and became friends. After losing touch for eight years Jennifer invited Dallas to her birthday party and the sparks began to fly!

From an early age Dallas loved picking up a video camera and filming what was happening around him. So when his first child was on the way he ran out and bought a Sony Handycam and began to film all the cute baby milestones. After collecting video clips for a couple years he decided he wanted to do something more. So for his son's third birthday he began to teach himself how to edit video.  From then on every vacation and birthday he made a video.

In 2014, our oldest son was diagnosed with Autism. In order to be a stay at home dad Dallas left his full time job. While being available at home he had the time to practice and develop his video production skills. Later that year he joined a large scale wedding production company where he began to film and also edit their videos. Working with them he has built an extensive wedding video portfolio.

When finding out they were expecting their first child, Jennifer also went the documenting route, but her documenting focused on photos and a blog. Jennifer has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration so it only was fitting for her to jump in and help with the business side of Street Studios. She also has picked up a thing or two in the video world and you commonly see her on the day of production.

After the birth of their third child, Jennifer also quit her full time job so that she could care for her children, help assist with Street Studios and so that Dallas could do the job he was born to do, full time!

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